While it is estimated that suicide takes 1 life every 40 seconds, it remains to be a largely preventable cause of death. Although there is no one specific cause for rising suicide rates across the globe, experts say that an isolation and the existing taboo circling around mental illness is contributing to the worrying cause, especially in young people. Considering the scary times we are living in and the grave effect the pandemic carries for our mental health, some even worry that COVID-19 might be fueling suicide rates.

A widescale study done in recent years found that our increasing dependency on social media is also cutting down on our interactions with one another. It is said that the millennial generation is one of the loneliest generations. There is always an outpour of emotion and ill-fated comments ranging from “why commit suicide”, ” suicide is not an option” or “he or she could have given life another chance, life is still young”.there is always an outpour of emotion and ill-fated comments ranging from “why commit suicide”, ” suicide is not an option” or “he or she could have given life another chance, life is still young”.

A person is said to be at the risk for developing suicidal thoughts or behaviour if any of these signs are spotted:

-Having a drug, alcohol or other substance abuse problem

-Undergoing a mental illness

-Prolonged stress

-Reclusive and agitative behaviour

-Victim of bullying

-A family history of suicide

-Access to lethal measures which can cause problems

-Withdrawal from society, excess sadness or negativity

-Experiencing problems in sleeping

-Recent trauma or undergoing a crisis

-Being exposed to someone else’s suicide

-A sudden or big change in personality or appearance.

Last but not the least ,I know together we can make great changes . Because at the end of the day , we remember even smallest steps contribute in greatest destined path .STAY SAFE!STAY AWARE!!!

Anxiety and depression

To understand these two words we need to know first that there is difference between someone getting depressed and someone suffering from clinical depression

Anxiousness often leads to clinical depression but its not the only cause!

Time to time we get depressed or our mood is ruined because of something. But some of the facts mystically proved me again to justify things with more clarity. Feeling depressed is perfectly fine because consequently the black cloud of feeling down will pass and the sun of feeling good will arise and appear to your face. A clinical depression need more fragmented research.

Through a list of surveys conducted in the United States America scientist are able to trace that a person suffering from clinical depression take a long time off of 10 years to reveal it and actually appear for the treatment.

And again writers are very eager to trace out the symptoms and causes of depression accurately . A kind of perfectly diagnosed symptoms of depression. Because people are feeling hesitated to visit our therapist. In Indian societies like ours the therapist are termed as the doctors for the psychopath and person suffering from clinical depression is often termed as feeling hesitate it to visit a therapist. indian society like ours , the therapist is termed as the doctor of psychopath the person who is suffering from clinical depression you need someone who can understand him or her who can be there shoulder , publicize them as mental patient…

If you really want to help a person suffering from clinical depression so don’t compare your getting depressed by their clinical depression. When we will start helping people suffering from this kind of clinical depression then only we can have a bright future for the most prone to anxiety group of teens.


Have you ever made fun of of people suffering with cancer and many more  added up in the list. Of course not because you are not that terrible person. And also because that is a physical illness visible to everyone. But What about those people who suffer from mental illness like anxiety disorders and neurobiological disorders. People with such kind of mental illness usually try to hide things or we can say they remain hideous. People going through you are such a consequences are again and quiet often be mistaken with the people suffering from OCD or obsessive compulsive disorder.Even I have seen people often mistaken by their mental illness as an excuse for avoiding decisions in their life but getting back to the track let’s hold on to this compulsive disorder, neurobiological disorder. But then again there are basket of m y t h s regarding this too.
But before that let me remind you that you might have seen a clean freak friends of your or a germaprobe telling you “I’m so OCD”
   Well that can be weird because OCD is a disorder and in such a case the  disorder will will make the person sick upcourse.
And not that the person will enjoy it!!  
Select start with the first myth

  •   Repeated hand washing
    Repeated handwashing is something which usually germ freak would do. And in such situation where the person is germaprobe, people think him or her to be OCD .

  • Repetitive checking of things is one of those myths about OCD.

  • Obsessive thoughts are again a kind of Myth or stereotype used as a a symptom of OCD. It can be obsession for something or someone.
  •      Preoccupation with numbers or patterns .
  •     Fear of harming others as well and harming yourself. Unreasonable guilt for those things which might not be done by.
Arrangement or we can say proper arrangements of our belongings.
So this were some of the common myths about OCD .


Hey Miami  found some seriously interesting dream signs and exaggeratedly some of their meanings too.

Dream Signs _their meanings…

FLYING can mean you have to make changes in your decision or someone would be suggesting you to change so you have to be ready to make all the decisions regarding your life.in the long run it can also mean that someone might tell you to change something which can be negative as well as positive and you should be able to digest both of them.

FALLING it can literally mean that you are quite unstable in your life. And an unstable life along with the stressful one which means you need to take a rest from all  these.

BEING LOST in or around forest or a strange place can we that in real life you are lossing yourself. According to this fact it can even mean that healing your inner self should be the first priority and also postponding a very important decision.

BEING TRAPPED it can mean that you are trapped in real life into something very strange it doesn’t means, it’s a physical trap but it’s a mental trap,or stressful situation. Holding on to your past and not been able to live in your present are also symptoms of such dreams.
BEING CHASED avoiding something in real life can mean being chased in your dreams. A huge amount of suppressed anger in your feelings can lead to be yourself chased by the animal.

LOSING TEETH the fear of being rejected by someone in particular or losing your inner self .BEING NAKED  fear of being judged by someone in particular and even hiding your wn personality.MEETING A CELEB in finally this can mean you are not getting the recognition you should get. Particularly it can also mean that instead of knowing you deserve something better you are not getting it or you are avoiding to appeal through it.


Documentary to 40 theories Have you ever experienced deja vu?Bablu me shadowy experience when we get a situation seems familiar. It has no physical manifestation. It is usually described by the subject as a sensation of feeling. But two scientist due to lack of hard evidence there is been surplus of speculation over the year. Emily boy track introduced as a French term meaning already seen.Advancement of neuroimaging and cognitive psychology narrowed down the fables of prospect. Most of the time everything is recorded in sync.I am actually talking about our memory, that whatever we see everything is recorded in a kind of sync. There are around like 40 theories along which only three of them are approved by most of the scientist like Emily Barak.

  1. Dual processing
  2. Hologram theory
  3. Divided attention

One of those theories says that occurs where there is slight delay in one of these between the Pathways which are recorded in sync.

The difference in there arrival time or particularly , the pathways arrival time in our memory causes the brain to interpret the late information. Later this late information become separate event or it become something which is recorded separately as an event and the recognition of this recapitulations becomes deja vu!!


Have you ever noticed why some people’s word are truly manipulating? Nevertheless there are people who use words very exaggeratedly but even though their effort words don’t get so effective. Someone have truly set a good orator can change the world

Like we already in human mind is controlled by their heart. If the auditor on the speaker is able to pinch the sentiments of the audience he has already achieved half of his goal.

Mirroring the body language of a person in front of you can also bring a an agreement between both of you but of course it should be slowly and steadily.

Some experts and a group of professor gone through a very intense practical and time taking test in the Harvard University.

The results were, however bizzare your opinion is give reasons to them. They have noticed a several time that even if someone’s opinion was quite genuine and acceptable because of the person not giving any kind of reasoning behind it, it seems to be an acceptable or quite ignorant . But at the same time shockingly the opinion which was partially trivial or just a casual suggestion because of giving reasons behind their opinion it proved to be e effective aur if not doping and just had an impact on them .

It was also noticed that if you want to collect more information from your partner in a matter in which he or she is not willing to reveal things to you, you can easily stay silent and make an constant eye contact. When you do this your partner will feel uncomfortable and gradually we will speak out all the information he can. Try not to be much demanding. And lastly but not the least as a bonus remember if you are sitting near to your opponent you can create left criticism between you and your opponent. Things might get easier than you think as proximity is equals to similar direction and similar direction is the only time when you can ask your opinion to change their perception and form little connection of a positive response.

Try doing this to you pain

What is Pain? Is it something to be forgotten? or is it something which you should learn to tolerate!… we often hear people say” just forget that pain” or they say” think that it was a Nightmare and just forget it”. But I personally believe that if you always remind yourself that you have to forget that particular pain it will give you pain more than anything you know what it’s not only about the physical pain I am also talking about the mental pain.

People often mistake mental pain as an excuse not doing anything or just to avoid something but they don’t realise how toxicated this mental pain can be physical pain can be cured by medicine. But I don’t think  people studying MBBS right now can ever imagine to bring out a medicine which can cure Your mental pain.

Sometimes situations give us such a turn you don’t know what to do the pain will stop you from doing everything. And everyone around you may be telling you to forget about that pain but if you believe me try to tolerate that pain. This is the only thing you can do to your memory. We are humans and we are bound to have emotions too but we cannot stop our life because of something that happened. Instead of trying to forget about that thing just try to tolerate it . And trust me, there will be a day when things which used to give you pain will feel as if nothing to you and also you can warn yourself to do not commit that mistake again.